A family doesn't need to be PERFECT; it just needs to be UNITED.


One of the most divine roles we can play is that of a wife. By nature, a wife seeks to uplift, encourage, motivate and love their husband...that role becomes a little different when you're married to man who has sworn to uphold the law, protect and serve the community in which he lives, having promised to do his best with all his abilities each and every day of his life. Those who have taken on that heavy burden need a different brand of love, the deepest support, love, understanding and respect on a level that only other LEO spouses understand. It's not just a "job," it's a lifestyle for you and your entire family.  

We're familiar with the world you live in--the world of plans being canceled at the last minute, driving separate to date night and explaining to your children why their dad can't be at their baseball game or dance recital or that he had to leave early before the big finale. We know how it feels when you're heart is racing because you haven't heard back from them after their last call and the relief and joy you feel when you DO hear their voice again. It is at those moments in which the LVMPO wives become one of your biggest allies- we understand and have lived those scenarios silently alongside you. 
Our goal is to uplift YOU, as the wife of a law enforcement officer, to remind YOU that you're doing the best you can on those days in which you feel like a single mom, to encourage YOU that you're not alone when you're explaining to your children why their dad is working late or on a call-out, to support YOU when you find yourself sitting alone at a soccer game or tumbling class and to let our hearts race together when you can't get ahold of him. YOUR job is to support your spouse, but OUR role is to support YOU.  Whether the support you need is emotional or physical, we exist to help you in times of sickness, injuries, bereavements, births or various celebrations.

And it's this desire to support Police Wives across America that led us to create the Police Wives of America site. It's there that we offer a wide range of resources that will enable you to come together with your community and support the Police Wives of your area. Click Here to visit the brand new PWOA site to learn more.

Although the group of LVMPO Wives is a social group of wives who's husbands are LVMPD PO's & CO's, we extend any and all support to all officers and their families within our department. Whenever their is a need that we can help with, we will support you and your family. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us during difficult or overwhelming times. We gladly extend our support to ALL LVMPD/BLUE Family.

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